Martes, Nobyembre 15, 2011

Afro Asian Literature

Afro- Asian literature refers to the literary output of the various countries and cultures in Africa and Asia. This includes their oral traditions and from the first to the contemporary written and or published prose and poetry.

In modern times, a a part of world literature, Afro- Asian literature is a separate segment of writing in English of experiences in Africa and Asia to further cultural understanding and world peace. Through this Afro Asian literature is intended to give the readers varied views of life in the Afro-Asian sphere.And there are three literature genre the prose, drama, poetry and the same genres are apply in every literature.

And through the Afro- Asian literature it hopes to help the reader capture the nuances of the human experiences that well from the vast wealth of wisdom and culture in these countries.

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    ) your work is done ! hehehe ., keep up the good works ;)

  2. Short indeed but it's not senseless. But I'm looking for more in-depth self-review of Afro-Asian. You may have cited some of the favorite works of your favorite Afro-Asian authors and express how does it interest you.